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Friday 20th April 2007 04:23:32 PM
The DJ that Smooth.[ 0 messages] 
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Hey Mr. DJ ~~~~                                                         ____    _   ____                                                  j    j     j      j    j   
Friday 20th April 2007 03:54:36 PM
Looking at your back[ 0 messages] 
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Girls are HOT while you look at their back. It is true in almost every cases, but if you see their front, you will most likely disappointed. (99% chances) SO,.............Enjory the back and leave the rest. Prefect vision can't help you ....

Friday 20th April 2007 03:43:26 PM
18-4-2007[ 0 messages] 
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I have few shoot in the bar. People is nice and the feelings of free and relax together soap me. I live the DJ's music and move. Someone said: " If Music is the food of Love, play on, give me excess of it" Tonight, I totally agree. ~!?!

Thursday 12th April 2007 01:42:12 PM
Night Project[ 0 messages] 
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Start from 11 April, 2007, I will have a project name the " Night Project ". It will be an activity that shooting  "Hippys" on every wedesday night in Central, Hong Kong. If you are Hip enough, please come and be at night in Central and I will have you inside the album. Cheer. ~~ 

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