Who's Who in Photography World Top Ten (Nature-Prints) in 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017; Grand Master of Photographic Society of America (GMPSA); Fellow of The Photographic Salon Exhibitors Association (FPSEA); Associate of Royal Photographic Society (ARPS);  Excellence of Federation Internationale de I'Art Photographique (EFIAP); PSA Photographer-Naturalist; PSA Galaxy Exhibitor (Nature, PID-Color and PID-Monochrome Divisions); and PSA 2017 Who's Who in Photography Top Exhibitor (PID-Color, Nature Digital and Nature Print Divisions).


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Snowy Owl A12
Two Frogs
Album: Medal-Winning Photos 在國際攝影沙龍獲金/銀/銅獎作品

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Album: HM-Winning Photos 在國際攝影沙龍獲優異獎作品

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